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Intermidiate Torsdag

Uge/år Dans Niveau
49/2020Hayley JoLow Intermidiate
46/2020I´ve seen it allLow Intermidiate
45/2020Red is the RoseIntermidiate
41/2020Sweet AttractionIntermidiate
39/2020One too ManyIntermidiate
37/2020Love will Mess U upHigh Improver
36/2020Southern DreamsHigh Improver
8/2020Hold your HorsesHigh Improver
5/2020Love on the rocksHigh Improver
4/2020HARDYHigh Improver
3/2020Never gonna grow UpImprover
46/201910.000 moreHigh Improver
45/2019Every LightHigh Improver
44/2019Shot of TequilaHigh Improver
43/2019Faithful soulHigh Improver
40/2019SelfishHigh Improver
39/2019Back in FashionHigh Improver
37/2019The one You´re Waiting onHigh Improver
37/2019Get WildHigh Improver
36/2019My MiracleBeginner