Uge/år Dans Niveau
12/20217 SummersHigh Beginner
47/2020Waves of LoveImprover
47/2020There is a LightBeginner
45/2020Whiskey and RainImprover
43/2020Why not - everythingBeginner
43/2020Hey BoyHigh Beginner
40/2020Rock this TownImprover
38/2020Little less brokenAdvanced
37/2020When You SmileAbsolut beginner
36/2020I´m BrokenImprover
10/2020Keep YoungImprover
8/2020Tears i CriedImprover
6/2020Writing on the wallImprover
5/2020Soak up the sunImprover
4/2020Touch of MexicoImprover
3/2020Never gonna grow upImprover
2/2020Holding Hands togetherBeginner
45/2019White Summerdress EasyBeginner
44/2019Romeo TonightImprover
40/2019Homesick HeartImprover
38/2019Angel & coronaImprover
37/2019Remember these WordsImprover
13/2019You are the reason, BabyBeginner
10/2019Small Town SummerHigh Beginner
9/2019Blue CowboyImprover
6/2019Reason to StayImprover
4/2019Lots of LoveImprover
47/2018Make it sweetImprover
46/2018Good GoodbyeImprover
45/2018Champagne PromiseBeginner
41/2018Neon Moon chaHigh Beginner
40/2018Like a fine WineImprover
39/2018Sangria SunBeginner
38/2018Waves of LoveImprover
37/2018Hayley JoImprover
36/2018All I am is YouBeginner
12/2018Heart of an AngelImprover
12/2018Trashin´ the CampBeginner
10/2018Pull you ThroughHigh Improver
6/2018Never Tired of it!Beginner
4/2018TroubadourHigh Improver
3/2018Dance her homeImprover
2/2018Queen of my heartBeginner
2/2018Electric RodeoHigh Improver
1/2018All the king´s HorsesHigh Improver
46/2017People are GoodHigh Improver
45/2017Stay StrongImprover
44/2017Well do Ya´?Improver
43/2017Havana chaBeginner
43/2017Down on your uppersBeginner
41/2017The One Youre waiting onHigh Improver
40/2017Chill AxinHigh Improver
39/2017Wandering HeartsImprover
38/2017The LowdownImprover
9/2017Rose Del Mar/Rose from the seaImprover
8/2017Nancy MulliganImprover
7/2017Holy DaysImprover
6/2017East to West 17Improver
6/2017Oops BayHigh Improver
4/2017Top Of The WorldBeginner
3/2017Favorite BoyfriendBeginner
46/2016Be StrongBeginner
45/2016No TricksBeginner
44/2016Mom, The BombHigh Beginner
43/2016Vegas BabyImprover
42/2016Do A Little LifeImprover
41/2016Dancing ViolinBeginner
40/2016Sweet Like LemonadeImprover
39/2016She Won't Let GoImprover
38/2016Your HeavenBeginner
37/2016AngelenoHigh Improver
36/2016Love Is In The AirLow improver
36/2016So Just Dance Dance DanceAdvanced
16/2016I Wanna Try EverythingBeginner
15/2016Sexy NightsBeginner
11/2016One Call AwayBeginner
10/2016Hey BabyHigh Beginner
8/2016I'll By Your WomanHigh Improver
5/2016Making HistoryBeginner
2/2016Just For A DayImprover
1/2016Sugar and SpiceHigh Beginner
47/2015Naughty But NiceBeginner
45/2015Better When I'm DancingHigh Improver
43/2015Love Is LikeHigh Beginner
41/2015Boy Girl ThingImprover
40/2015The Real DealImprover
39/2015Walz Across TexasBeginner
38/2015Florida SwingAdvanced
17/2015Keep It GoingBeginner
16/2015Home GrownImprover
15/2015Singlong SongHigh Beginner
14/2015The King Of The WorldHigh Improver
13/2015Tell The WorldAdvanced
12/2015If You CanHigh Improver
11/2015One More DayHigh Improver
8/2015Wonder TrainBeginner